Tell Location-Based, Multimedia-Rich Stories With Moveable Feast

Via Scoop.itSophia Dudésir – Actrice Transmédia

Arrange text, photos and videos on a map to create an immersive virtual tour.   In 2003, Steve Schultz organized a walking tour of Manhattan’s Lower East Side, narrating the history and culture of the neighborhood through its various landmarks and lesser known treasures. A little less than a decade later, and Schultz is now developing tools for you to create, share, experience — and soon, monetize — multimedia-rich walking tours all over the world.   The New York-based company is called Moveable Feast Mobile Media in tribute to the set of Ernest Hemingway memoirs by the same title. The startup has developed two apps thus far: an app for the desktop web that enables you to create visual, location-based stories, or tours, and an iPhone app [iTunes link] that allows you to experience them.


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