Transactional Storytelling: Telling Stories in the Retail Space

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Transactional Storytelling is the construction of a story through the trade and repurposing of images and image sequences. The intention behind it is using the retail experience to elicit a consumer dialog that boosts empathy and provides meaningful moments.


Now here’s a new development for you: environmental storytelling in retail spaces. It’s not about Earth Day or messages about the environment. It’s about well-crafted storied spaces. Think of stage sets combined with scripts, sounds, and aromas to create an enhanced customer experience. It’s wrapping people in a story and delivering a message at the same time.


It’s also about using story triggers effectively, although that is not directly talked about in this post.


Of course, this really isn’t that new. Walt Disney and his Imagineers have been masters of building stories via physical structures/environments for decades (Disneyland, etc.). And the Vancouver company Envisioning and Storytelling has been creating these storied environments for real estate sales offices for quite a long time now too.  


Now retail is getting into the picture in a bigger way. Not sure how all this is going to work out — is it really storytelling?? — but it’s interesting to watch. So stay tuned!  

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