Storytelling Illustrations Show the Beauty of Childhood

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Durban, South-Africa based illustrator Colwyn Thomas creates some of the most beautiful illustrations of childhood we’ve ever seen. He begins each design as a pencil drawing and then converts it into vector lines. Finally, he adds colors in Photoshop, using scanned in textures such as coffee stains or various papers until he achieves his desired look.


The first illustration in this post is called The Whale. When asked by Empty Kingdom what he wanted its viewers to take away from it he said, « The relationship between the wild and man is an important one for me. I occasionally work as a guide in a big five wilderness area and there are encounters one has there, with the game, with the place itself, that give me a clear sense of being something other than human. As if there was something to define ourselves as first, before we classified ourselves as human. There’s such wonder and humility in finding your self a part of the world as opposed to an observer of it. So in The Whale it’s not so much a whale and a little human making separate observations of one another, but two…creatures sharing a moment. »

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